Am I eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?

Up to $6,242 back for those who qualify!

  • Did you work in 2015 and make less than $53,267?
  • Do you have a valid Social Security number?
  • Do you meet dependent and income requirements in the table below?

EITC dependent and income requirements

# of qualifying children Single or head of household with income less than: Max credit (up to)
0 $14,820 $ 503
1 $39,131 $ 3,359
2 $44,454 $ 5,548
3 or more $47,747 $ 6,242

# of qualifying children Married filing jointly with income less than: Max credit (up to)
0 $20,330 $ 503
1 $44,651 $ 3,359
2 $49,974 $ 5,548
3 or more $53,267 $ 6,242

Details on the table
Other eligibility requirements

Estimate your EITC refund amount

Meet the above requirements? You can get an estimation of your EITC amount at the EITC outreach website (link opens in new window).


This is just an estimator tool intended to illustrate what the EITC might be worth to you. Speak to a trained tax preparer who can help you determine if you are eligible and how large your actual credit will be.

Examples of claiming the EITC


Erica and James

Travis, Courtney and Jeremy

What if I’m not eligible?

If you're not eligible...

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earned income tax credit

About the EITC

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit for people who worked in 2015.

The credit ranges from $2 to $6,242.

Eligibility and credit amount depends on your income, family size, and other factors.

See table to the left for requirements.