What do I need to bring to file taxes?

To help your tax preparer claim the maximum credits for you, please bring all of the below items.

If you need more information, click here for a downloadable pdf list and explanation of each item.

(Please note, some items may not apply to some taxpayers. For example, education credits do not apply for families that do not have any members attending K-12 or higher education institutions.)



❏ Photo ID

For all persons listed on the tax return:

❏ Birth date

❏ Social Security card or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) card or letter

Income and public benefit statements


❏ Income statements or W-2s for each job

❏ All 1099 forms received

❏ Year-end income for MFIP, SSI, MSA, GA, veterans’ benefits, workers’ compensation


Education Credits and Adjustments


❏ Receipts for dependents’ K-12 educational expenses (including school supplies, tutoring, art classes)

❏ Tuition expenses for university, college or technical college (Form 1098-T)

❏ Interest statement for student loans (Form 1098-E)



Child and dependent care credits


Child care expenses:

Provider name, address, Tax ID or Social Security number

Itemized deductions


❏ Charitable donations
❏ Medical expenses
❏ Mortgage interest statement (Form 1098)


Property Taxes


Homeowner statements: mortgage interest statement (Form 1098), Statement of Property Tax Payable in 2014
Renter statements: Certificate of Rent Paid

Additional documents

Bring if available:

Last year’s tax return
Direct deposit information: voided check or routing and account number