Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach

We work with organizations throughout Minnesota to spread the word about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), free tax preparation, and asset building at tax time through free outreach materials, webinars, in-person training, media events, and more!

Taxes 101 is a free, educational webinar about tax and financial basics. It’s geared toward service providers or people who work with low- and moderate-income individuals and families. Watch the recording to gain an understanding of how to help people prepare for tax season, free filing options, filing statuses and credits, and ways to make tax refunds have a lasting impact. It’s produced by Prepare + Prosper, the Claim it! campaign, University of Minnesota Extension, and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid.

Watch the recordings: 

Taxes 101 Training for Service Providers (February 4, 2019)

Nonprofits, schools, businesses, government agencies, and others work with the Claim it! campaign to increase the financial capability of their community through the EITC and free tax preparation. We realize that organizations can become involved in different ways. Here are the different ways your organization can get involved:

  • Posting info on your newsletter, website, or social media.

  • Distributing free outreach materials.

    Participate in a training to learn more about tax credits, free tax preparation, and asset building at tax time.

  • Invite us to a school event for a presentation or resource fair.

  • Work with us to identify more community partners in your city.

  • Partner with us on media opportunities.

  • Collect stories of people impacted by the EITC and free tax preparation.

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