Installment loans online with no credit check?

Whether it is an application for a job or a loan, people will not skip checking your credit score. It has become a way to determine whether one can financially trust the person or not. Therefore, in such a reality, it becomes vital to improve one’s score.

However, if you have a poor rating and you’re in urgent need of a loan, then don’t worry. There is no dead end. You can still get your loan and, at the same start improving your credit mark. And this article will throw some light on how to make it possible.

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If you have a credit score under 550 we recommend you try to improve your credit score.

What is an installment loan online with no credit check?

An installment loan online is nothing but the action of taking a loan from an online platform and repaying them in installments per month. The repayment period can be short or extend even for years; it depends on how you plan and agree with the lender. Now, installment loans online with no credit check refer to the process where the lender will not evaluate the applicant’s credit score.

For many people with a bad credit mark, this method is favorable. However, the truth is, no lender skips to credit check their applicants.

And there is no 100% guarantee that your application will be accepted, especially when you have a bad credit report. However, it is a guarantee that there are lenders who won’t thoroughly scrutinize your credit history. The maximum they may do is, perform a soft credit check and ask for documents to verify your income. Furthermore, the requirements you have to meet will differ from lender to lender. Therefore, make sure you apply to numerous loan providers. This way, you may be able to tick out all the boxes in the requirement list of at least one lender.

Credit checks explained

A credit check refers to the process when a bank, lender, or employer checks your bank account and financial record. This step is mainly taken when the individual is applying for a loan, a lease, or creating a new credit account. Here, the lender seeks your permission before requesting your financial report from the credit bureaus. After which, using the information, they evaluate your loans, payment behavior, credit accounts, etc., to calculate the risk.

In the case of installment loans online, almost every lender checks their applicant’s credit history before accepting them. And unfortunately, it is in this procedure where many candidates are filtered out and aren’t taken. Therefore having a good credit rating is necessary to pass these credit checks.


Some of the basic requirements an applicant will have to meet are:

  • A solid $2000 income per month is the standard requirement every borrower should meet. However, if it is not possible, you must be earning at least $800 per month to be eligible for the
  • You will have to provide essential documents like your income certificate for the verification process.
  • Minors cannot apply. You will need to be above 18 years to qualify as a borrower. However, keep in mind that most lenders favour applicants who are 21 years of age and above.
    As mentioned earlier, not all loan providers will have the same eligibility criteria for their applicants. Therefore, analyze and choose the lenders who are most likely to offer you loans.

Benefits and Disadvantages

  • Unlike payday loans, installment loans are repaid monthly with fixed interest rates. Therefore, as a borrower, you won’t have to worry about any fluctuation in the interest rates. And you will know how much to pay beforehand. Hence, it will relieve you from the stress of paying incredible amounts of money without notice.
  • When planning with the lender, you can decide the time frame to return the loan. Hence, the repayment period can extend for years. So, if you borrow a huge loan, you can widen the repayment period. And by doing so, you won’t be troubled to pay large sums of money every month.
  • The money transaction is quick when it comes to installment loans. Once you have made a deal with the lender, you can withdraw the money within two days.
  • Surprisingly, taking installment loans can also benefit you by improving your credit score. How is this possible? It is simple. When paying your monthly installments, make sure you pay them early. You can also contact credit bureaus to confirm an early date for the payment.
  • It is challenging to find lenders ready to loan money to candidates with a low credit mark.
  • The interest rate is generally increased for borrowers who have a bad credit score. However, you can solve this problem by gradually increasing your credit score by following the tips provided in the next section.

How to improve your credit score

Maintain a low credit utilization rate

Avoid piling up dues and focus on your credit utilization rate to recover your credit score. For example, if you have a credit limit of $10,000 with a balance of $6000, then your credit utilization rate would be 60%. And if you’re wondering if this percentage is good or bad, well, the answer is the former. You must keep up your credit utilization rate at 30% and below for a good credit score. Therefore, one of the most straightforward solutions to sustain such low rates is to pay your credit balances before time. Avoid waiting for the end of the month to do it. Furthermore, you can also pay back the dues twice a month to enhance your credit report.

Consolidate/merge your debts

You can increase your credit score by combining all your debts into one payment with a low-interest rate. This method will help you avoid losing track of monthly dues. And soon, you will notice that your credit report has fewer late-payment remarks and more credit ratings.

Make use of a Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card holds a certain amount the cardholder deposits. It is one of the most accessible options for people with poor scores. You can use it for making minimum purchases and monthly pay back the balance amount on time.

Healthy credit history

Last but not least, you should understand the significance of your credit history. It will determine your score to a large extent. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you take every needed step to maintain a healthy credit history.


Acquiring installment loans online with no credit check is a possibility. And in a way, it is one of the best options for someone looking for a way to enhance their credit score. Furthermore, payday loans will only burden such candidates. Therefore, opting for installment loans will benefit the individual in several aspects, such as paying small amounts monthly. However, remember that every lender will check your credit history. So, make sure you seek out multiple loaners until you find someone who does not calculate the applicant’s credit score.

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